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A touch phone is becoming the new wave in personal phone communications. There are an abundance of different brands of touch phones available on the market today, which can be a little overwhelming. This is especially true for people who are trying these types of phones for the first time. There are two aspects of buying a touch phone, one is of course the phone itself, the other the service provider you use for it.

Each person has their own tastes when it comes to the phone they want, as well as the provider. The first step in finding the right touch phone for your use is what kinds of things are you going to be using it for. It used to be that cell phones just made phone calls, but now days, they are capable of numerous tasks and have an abundance of different features, including but not limited to calls, texting, taking pictures and video, surfing the internet, checking emails, and even playing a variety of games. Before getting into more specific details of what to look for in a phone, note that any phone mentioned in this article is by no means an endorsement of that particular make or model, they are just examples of what kind of phone it is.

One of the first things you have to consider when buying a touch phone is whether you want a phone that is totally touch screen compatible, or has both a touch screen as well as a keyboard. A few example of phones with both a keyboard as well as a touch screen are N97 and the E7. If you don't care about this, and just want a touch screen phone, an Apple and Nokia are a couple of brands that have full touch screen capabilities.

One of the biggest concerns with touch phones is screen size. While the larger screens may cost more, if you access the internet often, download games and other applications, you are going to want to get the biggest screen you can afford. Four inch screens are usually good to start with, HTC and Samsung have a wide selection of touch phones with large screens. It may also be a good idea to consider a phone with multi-touch screen tech, like pinch to zoom. This way you are able to enlarge what you are seeing. There are a number of different brands now that have this feature.

One of the most popular features that touch phones have these days is the ability to take pictures from your camera. Mega pixels can be somewhat confusing to people. Simply, this denotes the size of the printable images your phone will capture. While a 1.3 mega pixel camera will print a decent 4"x6" picture, for the best clarity and resolution you'll need a 5 mega pixel one. You also want to check out your flash options, there is LED as well as Xenon, each have their pros and cons, depending on lighting needs. Unless you want to deal with having to move the phone back and forth to get your shot right, most people go with an auto focus feature.

The next important thing about a touch phone is it's connectivity, as well as processor. You want a a phone with Wi-Fi, in order to access the internet, download applications, and many other functions. There are a number of free internet hot spots, but you need built in Wi-Fi to access these spots. You need a phone that has 3G capabilities, higher if you want to download a lot of information, or browse the web faster.

These are just some of the considerations when looking for a touch phone. It is important to understand that each phone, as well as service provider is different. Before you just go out and buy the first phone, or get hooked up with the first mobile phone provider, take the time and check out the touch phone reviews here on our site. In addition to the features and capabilities you want in your touch phone, it is also important that you get a phone at the right price. Also, because cell phone technology is constantly growing and changing, it may be a good idea to find a touch phone that can be expanded, or one that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg, now, only to find out it is out of date in just a year or two.

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