Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung has released a series of Galaxy S phones in the past few years. Part of that series is the Samsung Epic 4G. This phone is certainly worthy of that title because it is a multimedia masterpiece. There are currently no limits to what you can do with the Epic. This phone has an amazing screen, a blazing processor, a full keyboard, and a fantastic camera. All of these features together combined with some other less impressive, but just as amazing design features, are what makes the Epic a phone to consider next time you purchase a new cell phone.

Probably the worst part about this phone is the price tag, and not just the initial one. Sprint the carrier of the Samsung Epic 4G also charges monthly fees for data and for additional features like a mobile wi-fi hotspot and 4G network, which are not yet available nationwide. The phone's price is high, but worth it for the fast speeds. The 4G network including WiMax, which makes it truly a speed demon. This phone has more going for it than speed because of all the features and developmental strides that it has overcome and accomplished. This phone will dominate many other options.

There are a few concerns, one of those is the size of the Epic. This phone is the largest of the series, though this might just add to the power of this phone. The size measurements leave the Epic just a little large for the average person's pocket. However, it also adds to the killer screen visuals when video chatting, or just watching your own videos. Some complain about price because they cannot see the point in the added features. Apart from those two personal preferences, the Epic is free of other developmental issues.

The Samsung Epic 4G does run with the Android interface, which lends to it a nice interface with a variety of widgets. The widgets can be the best part of this phone because it can give you updates and information from the main screen that updates regularly. The Epic is fully customizable to get exactly what you want from it. You will love the Epic with its beautiful design and its blazing screens. If that does not convince you, then fall in love with this phone's beastly power used for all the entertainment applications you could ever want or need.

Samsung Epic 4G For Sale

SPRINT Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch SPH D710 16GB Black Clean ESN CDMA GOOD
SPRINT Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch SPH D710 16GB Black Clean ESN CDMA GOOD

Sale Ends: 5h 36m
US $75.00

Samsung Epic 4G SPH D700 1GB Black Sprint Smartphone flag
Samsung Epic 4G SPH D700 1GB Black Sprint Smartphone flag

Sale Ends: 6h 51m
US $205.00

Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch Sprint
Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch Sprint

Sale Ends: 18h 34m
US $50.00

Samsung galaxy epic 4g touch
Samsung galaxy epic 4g touch

Sale Ends: 1d 9h 21m
US $120.00

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