How To Clean Touch Screen Phones

Touch screen phones are the latest and best of the mobile phones, and nearly every cell phone manufacturer has released at least one touch screen phone. Using the touch screen simply makes life a lot easier, as you are able to quickly access programs, type, check your email, and perform a multitude of other tasks.

The downside to using touch screen phones is the fact that your phone will get dirty. Your fingers have a thin sheen of skin oil as a protective coating against the elements, dirt, and germs. Every time that you touch the screen of your touch screen phone, you leave a small imprint of your dirty or greasy fingers on the screen of the phone.

Cleaning your touch screen phone is actually fairly simple. The first thing to do is to turn off the phone. Seeing as you will be cleaning the touch screen of your phone, you may end up accidentally hitting buttons and screwing with the phone if you don't turn it off. You may also cause the phone's OS to mess up when cleaning the screen, as you are applying pressure over the entire surface of the screen.

You will need to purchase a microfiber cloth with which to clean the screen. Microfiber cloths are actually fairly cheap, and you can find them in Radio Shack or any store where electronics are sold. They are made with tiny fibers that are perfect to use to clean the touch screen of mobile phones, as they absorb and remove the oil without smearing it over the surface of the screen.

Wrap the cloth around your phone so that you don't get your oily fingerprints over the body of the phone as you are cleaning it. Gently use the microfiber cloth to rub the touch screen of your mobile phone, and make sure to rub until all of the spots and grease on the surface of the touch screen have been removed. There is a certain type of liquid that you can use to clean the screen with, but it is important that you don't use just any liquid to perform the cleaning. Certain liquids will harm the touch screen, which is why using the microfiber cloth is recommended to get the screen very clean.

A great way to protect your phone from the oil on your fingers is to use a protective plastic covering. The thin layer of plastic is adhered to the screen, and it protects the screen from the oil on your fingers. Many people think that these plastic coverings reduce the effectiveness of their touch screen, the beauty of these protectors is that it doesn't affect the use of the touch screen phone in the least. Try to keep your hands clean when using your touch screen phone and never touch the screen of your phone immediately after eating or drinking, and make sure to wash your hands regularly to ensure that your fingers are not greasy.



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